About us.

Why we do, what we do.

Vatfy was a side project born out of necessity and a lack of simple alternatives to verifying EU Value Added Tax identification numbers, as well as getting up-to-date EU VAT rates. We also felt that most solutions on the market lacked some fundamental requirements, were complicated to use or were simply very expensive.

We wanted to create something simple. For developers, for marketers and accountants. Hence, Vatfy was born and grew into a fully fledged API including standalone solution to be used manually.

Who we are.

Vatfy is operated by BAS GmbH out of Munich, Germany. As business owners and entrepreneurs, our spirit is to deliver great products and solutions for all business sizes. Our aim is to enable others with smart, simple and easy-to-use solutions to everyday problems.

Drop us line, if you want to chat. We don't bite.

“Dealing with VAT as a SaaS in Europe is a struggle. Vatfy solves VAT evidence collection, verification and VAT ID monitoring in a simple and efficient way.”
— David Klein
Founder, Vatfy